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Why You Should Invest in a Ductless Mini Split


A Ductless mini split is simply a ductless straight air cooling or heat pump system. The systems are a worthwhile investment for comfortable temperatures both at summer and winter. They can be for a full house or single remote rooms or rooms with unique HVAC needs. A good example of these areas is the garage and IT room with computers.

As the name indicates, no ducts will be installed. The system uses copper tubing that runs through the walls and ceiling to connect to the units. Homeowners in Connecticut, who install these systems in their homes, benefit in the following ways:


Ductless mini split is quiet and thus it will not bother you when you are resting or working at home. They are quieter than traditional air cooling which causes a lot of noise disturbance. The systems come with an indoor and outdoor unit. The louder components like motors and compressors are installed outside.

Cost and Energy Efficient

Ductless mini split is cost effective since they use less electricity. You can lessen your monthly electricity bills by investing in these ductless systems. Some of the models in the market are even energy star qualified. Compared to other models, ductless systems can save up to 50% on energy costs. With the advance in technology, their energy efficiency has continued to increase over the years. Some of the models in the market are even energy star qualified.

Since they are ductless, they lose up to 5% of their heating and cooling potential compared to traditional systems which lose up to 40%.

Easy Installation

Because there is no ductwork involved, Fujitzu Ductless mini split is quick and easy to install. It can take as minimal as a day to have the system working.

They can be controlled from zone to zone

Individual zoning of ductless mini split eliminates the need to pay for heating and cooling in areas that you are not using. Paying for temperature control in unoccupied rooms is a waste of resources. With the ductless system, you will control temperatures in the areas you are using and save up on unnecessary costs.

Removable filter

The condition of air in your home has a huge impact on health. Ductless systems have a removable filter that helps in reducing the amount of allergens, bacteria and other unhealthy substances in the air in your house. This is a very useful component especially for people with allergies. You can enjoy the cool air without having to deal with irritation from the pollutants.

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