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Summer Cooling


Connecticut is such a funny state when it comes to weather…it’s cold and overcast for months, but before you know it, it’s hot and sticky again. For many people, dusting off and installing their old AC window unit is an unpleasant annual ritual. Sure, they keep you cool, but old-fashioned window units are loud, inefficient, and just a hassle to install (not to mention take out). That’s why more people in Connecticut are choosing smarter alternatives with Central Air Conditioning and Ductless Mini Split Systems.

Which is right for you? Let’s take a look at each to find the right solution for your home.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is a popular choice in many Connecticut homes, as well as commercial and public buildings. Central air systems work by circulating cool air through supply ducts which are installed in the building. These will appear as grill-covered openings in the walls, ceilings or floor. As the air moves through the building it gradually becomes warmer, and is sent back to the central air conditioning unit through additional return ducts. The central air conditioner itself is a box-like unit that is located outside the building, usually on the roof or on a concreate platform by the wall.

Central air conditioning is a great because it is more efficient than traditional window units, and once it is installed by qualified technicians, is out of sight and out mind, requiring minimal maintenance. Central air systems are a good choice if you have a larger home, or a building that requires consistent temperature control throughout all rooms.

Ultimately, the key factors in determining if central air is right for you will be how many rooms you need cooled, and whether the necessary duct work can be installed.

Ductless Mini Split

For some homes, a Ductless Mini Spit system might be a better option. Ductless systems are even more efficient than central air, and since they do not require a duct system, they are much simpler to install (it can be up and running in only a day).

Ductless systems consist of an outdoor and an indoor unit. Instead of an extensive duct system running throughout the home, Ductless Mini Splits circulate cooled air through a system of copper tubes which run through the wall or ceiling and connect the indoor and outdoor components.

With a ductless system, the cooling is concentrated on specific areas or rooms, rather than a full central air system, which is designed to cool an entire building. This makes Ductless Mini Splits arguably the most cost-effective method for cooling specific rooms. If you only need air-conditioning for a certain room, like an office, bedroom or living room, this may be the best for you. We sell Fujitsu Split Systems and other brands.

At American Air Mechanical LLC, all our technicians are trained and qualified to install high-quality Central Air Conditioning and Ductless Mini Split systems across Connecticut. Give us a call at (860) 622-1693 and let us help you enjoy a cool, comfortable home this summer.